Sunday, February 16th, 2020
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LawDATA, Inc.

Partnering with our Attorney Clients for Over 30 Years.

Free Settlement Agreement Language for All Attorneys

Free Assistance with Settlement Language Pertaining to Retirement Asset Distribution with No Obligation.

Simply call our office with the pertinent file in hand. We will spend a few minutes asking questions regarding the parties’ intent and the identity and nature of the retirement asset(s) to be divided. We will then follow up with an email with suggested settlement language covering the provisions that will need to be addressed in the Order to insure that you limit the eventuality of an unresolved QDRO lingering years after the case has closed.

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We prepare a QDRO when distribution is to be made to the non-participant spouse by the retirement benefits provider.
We provide appraisal reports identifying the present value of defined benefit pensions.
We offer this one time deal to every attorney client – brand new or existing. To our existing clients, let us prepare a free Qualified Domestic Relations Order (a $500 value) as a means of showing appreciation for your ongoing loyalty. If you are an attorney who has never used our services, we extend this offer so that we can demonstrate to you the outstanding support and expertise we provide to every one of our attorney clients. We make this offer knowing that once you try us, you too will soon be a loyal customer.

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